A new chapter has begun…

And so the old must go in order to make room for what’s to come.

Everyday Christmas

Happy Holidays!!! Check out Megan Lee’s latest MV featuring the Poreotics!


“Colored Hearts” on Indiegogo

My BuzzFeed BFF, Robin Johnson, is making a short film based on a personal experience of hers and is currently raising funds to be able to tell her story with some basic filmmaking costs. Because Robin is really putting her heart out there with this story, I believe this will be a very special little film. Check it out:

“Colored Hearts” is “a love story about an interracial couple facing societal pressures to end their relationship.” Starring alongside Robin are Kane Lieu, Carlin James, and Aria Song. It will be directed by Stacey Mabrey.

If you are down for independent filmmaking, female filmmakers, and/or diversity in storytelling, please consider supporting! You can contribute here:

A moment of truth.

So I participated in my first staged reading yesterday… and what an experience it was! From working with a fabulous cast and a fantastic director to having so much faith and support from the producer, I seriously learned so much from everyone and am feeling super blessed to have been part of something pretty fucking special. That’s right. All Asian American. Female. Reservoir Dogs.

I had the honor of playing Freddy Newandkye aka Mr. Orange. When DC Wolfe told me that he wanted me in that role, I was like “Omg, wow. Are you sure?!” But I guess it was actually kind of perfect, cuz’ everyone else on the cast had a theater background while I didn’t, so I really felt like I needed to step up my game in order to fit in 😛

This was definitely a moment of truth for me:

After our last rehearsal the day before the reading, our director, West Liang, stayed with me to work on this monologue. It was actually his suggestion that I get off book for the last portion. “You don’t have to do this, but it would be really sexy if you just dropped your script and delivered this last part to the audience.” I looked over it real quick and then said, “Yes, I’ll do it!” Oh man. On the way to this monologue, I flubbed a couple of words here and there. I even thought I would seriously piss my pants, but when it came down to it, I was Freddy and ready ;]

Special thanks to my agent, Kylie MacKenzie, for taking these photos!

It was also so much fun to play with Tamlyn Tomita. When I first learned that I would be working mostly with her, I kind of freaked out. We’d actually worked together before on a TV pilot called My Life Disoriented, but that was over 10 years ago and I was working as an assistant camera on that show. A decade later and where I’m at in my acting journey, to be able to share the stage with Tamlyn has definitely been an honor and a huge milestone for me.

I am so thankful to DC for believing in me, to West for really working with me, to all the ladies (Tamlyn, Jolene, Rosie, Sharon, Jully, and Elaine) for being so giving, to Aaron for being awesome and on top of those cues, to Kane for coming in super last minute to tape the reading, and to everyone who came out on a Sunday afternoon to watch and support! Thank you <3

Rice on White

Today’s the last day of Rice on White’s Kickstarter campaign and they are sooo close in achieving their goal!

From what I’ve heard from people who’ve seen an early cut, the story is hilarious. And while it may be raunchy, I hear there’s a lot of heart, too. On top of that, it showcases leading men who are Asian and I am all for that ;]

For more info or to support this project, check out Rice on White’s Kickstarter:

8 Moments Your BFF Was A Lifesaver

Had so much fun playing BFFs with Robin Johnson. Thanks for having me, BuzzFeed and Kevin J. Nguyen!

Reservoir Dogs

With a twist. I’ll be participating in a staged reading of Quentin Tarantino’s original screenplay of Reservoir Dogs with an all Asian American female cast. 2pm at the Japanese American National Museum’s Tateuchi Democracy Forum Theater in Little Tokyo. You are all invited!


I’ve known Evan Jackson Leong for over a decade since the grassroots marketing days of Better Luck Tomorrow. As long as I’ve known him, he has always had a greater vision for the Asian American community and has always pushed the envelope to make things happen.

Snakehead has always been Evan’s baby. Way before Linsanity or even 1040 (two documentary projects which I served as Assistant Editor). He wrote this script way back with the intention of making it his narrative feature film debut and now that time has finally come.

As Evan says, every single project he has ever worked on has been “for the community and by the community.” Absolutely true. I have firsthand experience and will vouch for him for life. He is truly someone who is passionate about getting our stories out there and despite any limitations, he will always find a way to do it with excellence.

If you are down, let’s make a movie!!!

Power Play

My friends at Sketch Juice made a really fun short film that is currently ranked #1 for the People’s Choice prize in My RØDE Reel- the world’s largest short film competition! Not only does it demonstrate a great use of RØDE gear, it’s got action, comedy, and an awesome cast.

PLEASE VOTE FOR THEM: http://www.rode.com/myrodereel/watch/entry/2591

How I Became a Dog Lady

Last year in April, I downloaded an app called AllPaws. It’s like Tinder, but for finding adoptable dogs near you. I guess you could say I was bored with actual Tinder and decided to look for a different kind of mate 😛

So while I was swiping through profiles, a little lady named Matilda caught my eye. Without thinking too much, I filled out an adoption application for her. Soon after, Adopt Me Rescue contacted me to set up a time to meet.

When we first met, it took Matilda two hours (in which she had to be forcefully encouraged) to come near me. She was extremely skittish and clearly had deep trust issues. I learned that when she was rescued, she’d been living in a car for four years with a homeless couple and had signs of physical abuse. For her to not attack me was actually huge progress as she’d been in foster care for awhile.

Having had some time to think about it and also not really connecting with Matilda right away, I realized I wasn’t exactly in the best place to commit to a dog mate. However, it just so happened that Matilda needed a new foster home. I’d already been dog sitting for several of my friends and was used to having dogs in and out of my place, so why not foster her?

The first night that Matilda arrived, she wouldn’t come out of her crate and I didn’t want to force her. Eventually, I carried her crate to my room and while I was getting ready for bed, she decided to come out! She was the cutest little thing and seemed to be curious about me. She had this side tilt to her head (possibly from the abuse), so she kind of walked a little lopsided towards me and then got on her hind legs to paw at me. “Well, hello there, Matilda!”

From that point on, Matilda was sweet to me. She would curl up in a ball and sleep next to my head, greet me at the door, and follow me around like a little shadow peering at me with those curious eyes of hers. While she was mostly an angel at home, there were certain things that would trigger the wild animal in her, like crossing paths with other small dogs on walks. She also really did not like men. One time, David Choi came over to hang out and she pounced on him and seriously attacked him. Oi vey. I definitely acquired some battle scars having to hold her back a couple of times. Cuz’ when this girl got the wild eyes, she would be out for blood! I guess you could say the streets had made her tough and what she really needed was just a lot of TLC.

Anyway, long story short, I felt like I got to see the beginnings of a transformed dog. She learned to chill out a bit when it came to other dogs and meeting new people. And after three weeks with me, she was adopted by a lovely woman and given a new name: Tilly. Yesterday, I received this photo of Tilly and it was just such a blessing to hear how well she’s doing a year later:

Doesn’t she look so happy and healthy? 🙂