“The Way You Make Me Feel”

Love Kawehi’s cover of this Michael Jackson classic. “Hehe”~


“Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)”

I love this song by Hillsong United and Arden’s cover of it is great. I actually heard her listening to the track from the other room, so I ran over to her room thinking she was singing it live thinking how awesome it sounded. So blessed by this.

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Casting three young East Asian girls between the ages of 3-12 for BuzzFeed.com video directed by Eugene Lee Yang

Auditions will be held Tuesday, April 22 (sometime midday, more than likely between 10AM – 4PM). Director will send sides for the actress to prepare once an audition date and time are confirmed. Email headshots and resumes to eugene.yang@buzzfeed.com

AZAMI / 8-12
The eldest sister. Strong-willed, independent, a critical thinker. Bosses her other sisters around with a righteous indignation. A take-charge, big personality, prone to temper tantrums, but still maintains being adorable. She makes herself seen and heard in a big way. She always gets what she wants but, in her heart, cares most about looking after her little sisters.

LEILANI / 6-10
The middle sister. Sweet-natured, caring, and full of hope and empathy. She’s the girl who stops to smell the roses and delights in girly things. Her biggest concern is making sure everything is fair and is generally level-headed besides throwing the occasional moody fit. She’s a nurturer and a giver and likes to make everyone around her feel as happy as she does.

ZAHARA / 3-7
The youngest sister. Offbeat, artistic, and little weird, but totally cute. She loves to play in the mud and paint with her fingers and notices the strange and beautiful things in life. She’s a little star and princess, constantly entertaining others with her adorable antics and is very hard to keep still. She’s brimming with personality and humor and loves being the center of attention.

This is only for copy/credit but the upside is massive online exposure. The BuzzFeed audience is in the millions and each video, guaranteed, receives hundreds of thousands of views.


New videos with the Fu!

It’s been AWHILE since my last “Dear Diary” video. Thanks to these guys, I’m back on YouTube again :P

For those of you who actually read my blog (if any of you), please feel free to leave me comments, suggestions, etc.

Have a great weekend! :)

Happy Monday!

Here’s a tune to get you going!

Great job, @thefumusic, @LanaMcKissack, and @TheNathanMoore :D


Dawen back in LA this Thursday!

So excited! Gonna go watch my brother (from another mother) perform at the House of Blues this Thursday! He’s opening for Wanting and it’ll be his first performance in LA since he left for Taiwan to become 王大文 the superstar. Should be a chill night! Get more info or tickets here.

From this~

To this!

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“Teen Wolf” Season 3B Trailer

Have you ever heard of something called a kitsune?

Hello, Arden Cho aka Kira! ;]

Dear Diary… We’re in 1997!

Part 1…

Part 2…

These were shot on the way back to LA after Thanksgiving weekend. Special thanks to George Shaw for music. Shout outs to Angry Asian Man and the SOUND AND FURY podcast!


Dawen 王大文 – 你好 “Hello”

Such a feel good song and music video!

Yay, Dawen! Check him out here: dawen.us


The Fu and Lana McKissack’s cover of “Lean On Me” for Heart Philippines

Purchase the mp3 for $0.99 from iTunes. All proceeds will go to the Philippines.

Heart Philippines is a collective response from a community of artists and friends to support typhoon relief in the Philippines. Donate, support, and/or get involved: heartphilippines.org