Dear Diary… Maybe I’m Just Dreaming

June 12, 1997 – The last day of junior high.

Music by George Shaw.

Dear Diary… Pixers included!

June 11, 1997 – Junior high graduation and “pixers.”

Read by Lianne Lin and David Choi.

ALS #icebucketchallenge + Dear Diary…

I was nominated by Nadine Truong for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I nominate David Choi, Arden Cho, and Jacob from the Fu to raise awareness and not waste water! Learn more about ALS:

Diary entry is from June 10th, 1997 when I was looking for love at Great America.

Kawehi – Anthem

I “Liked” this video within the first 10 seconds. It’s the first release from Kawehi’s Robot Heart. Brand spankin’ new.


eSNa – I, I Love You

English version of eSNa’s official debut single:

Check out the original here. #MusicMonday

This is pretty dope.

Two new releases today!

“Recovery,” a Jubilee Project Fellowship short film starring Amanda Suk, Jason Her, and me as nurse Betty!

And “Mommyhood,” a So Natural TV web pilot starring Sunny Mabrey, Monrok, Stefanie Seifer, Kyle Walters, and me! Written and directed by Leena Pendharkar. Produced by Jane Kelly Kosek. #girlpower


Dear Diary… Everything is alritey.

Read by David Choi and Lianne Lin.

Dear Diary… Whussupers?

“Dear Diary” is back! This time with two special guests, Lianne Lin and David Choi.

Stay tuned for more…

Help make Armed With a Camera 2015 (and future cycles) happen!

Dear Friends,

10 years ago, I had the privilege of being part of Visual Communications’ Armed With a Camera 2005. Through this program, I met so many talented individuals, got plugged in with the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, and jump started my career even before I had graduated from school. I got to make a 5-minute short film with the help of mentors and peers. This short went on to screen at festivals across the nation and was greenlit for broadcast on Current TV. Eventually, it would be the first thing I ever uploaded onto YouTube. I am forever thankful to the experience I had with AWC, the mentorship that was given, and the connections that I made. As someone who was unsure of what she wanted to do career-wise, AWC gave me the confidence and resources to pursue a career in film.

10 years later, I’ve learned that funding for this program has dropped.

Would you please support fundraising efforts to continue this program, so that young emerging Asian Pacific American storytellers can have an opportunity to plug in with a great community, hone their craft, and have this platform to share their stories?

You can do so on indiegogo:

In honor of AWC and #throwbackthursday, here is the original video of “Future Rock Stars of America” that I uploaded onto YouTube:

If you want a clean HQ version, click here. To get more info about the documentary, click here.

P.S. – I actually heard about AWC through 2003 alumnus, Evan Jackson Leong, who has gone on to do bigger and better things including LINSANITY. Through the years, I’ve been able to meet and work with several AWC alumni on various projects and it always feels like homecoming at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival. It’s kind of a cool little network!