Help make Armed With a Camera 2015 (and future cycles) happen!

Dear Friends,

10 years ago, I had the privilege of being part of Visual Communications’ Armed With a Camera 2005. Through this program, I met so many talented individuals, got plugged in with the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, and jump started my career even before I had graduated from school. I got to make a 5-minute short film with the help of mentors and peers. This short went on to screen at festivals across the nation and was greenlit for broadcast on Current TV. Eventually, it would be the first thing I ever uploaded onto YouTube. I am forever thankful to the experience I had with AWC, the mentorship that was given, and the connections that I made. As someone who was unsure of what she wanted to do career-wise, AWC gave me the confidence and resources to pursue a career in film.

10 years later, I’ve learned that funding for this program has dropped.

Would you please support fundraising efforts to continue this program, so that young emerging Asian Pacific American storytellers can have an opportunity to plug in with a great community, hone their craft, and have this platform to share their stories?

You can do so on indiegogo:

In honor of AWC and #throwbackthursday, here is the original video of “Future Rock Stars of America” that I uploaded onto YouTube:

If you want a clean HQ version, click here. To get more info about the documentary, click here.

P.S. – I actually heard about AWC through 2003 alumnus, Evan Jackson Leong, who has gone on to do bigger and better things including LINSANITY. Through the years, I’ve been able to meet and work with several AWC alumni on various projects and it always feels like homecoming at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival. It’s kind of a cool little network!

Kina Grannis – The Fire

Super last minute #MusicMonday post. Feeling this one.

(Thanks, Kollaboration!)

Less than 24 hours to fund CRUSH THE SKULL, a horror/comedy feature film!

Chris Dinh is a ticking time bomb. He’s been accidentally offing his friends on YouTube and he needs your help to stop.

In all seriousness though, Chris Dinh is awesome and so is Viet Nguyen. I’ve had the pleasure of working with both of these ninjas and they are just mad talented. The two of them have been stewing on this project for awhile now and you’ll see that they have a very particular sense of humor. If you can help them make this film, please donate and/or spread the word! These next few hours will determine life or death for CRUSH THE SKULL as they will only be funded if they reach their goal of $75,000.

Back them on Kickstarter:

Tag, You’re It! – Megan Lee

THIS GIRL. My 동생 (little sister)! I can’t believe I’ve known this girl since she was 12 years old! Since working together on an indie short film called “My First Crush,” I always knew she’d do big things. At such a young age, she was already so professional, super talented, and just a joy to work with. It has been such a pleasure watching Megan grow. From pursuing her love of acting to singing on YouTube as “cutiepiemeg918” all while going through puberty. Man oh man, dem pipes! And she only got better and better! So of course, opportunity came knocking and took her to Korea to compete in a Korean version of “American Idol,” which led to more opportunities that led to getting signed as a recording artist (which also meant less of me seeing her cute face in person- boo). Last year, I got to visit her very briefly while she was in the midst of training and preparing for her debut. And today, I am happy to share with you her first official music video! It’s cute, fun, and full of personality- just like Megan!

(Click for Korean version)

Anyway, I seriously look forward to seeing and hearing more. I’m a proud unni :]

When we were young[er].

Official Bio [edited]:
Megan officially began her professional career in acting, singing, and dancing at the age of 10. She has appeared in numerous U.S. national commercials (McDonald’s, Verizon, Nintendo), TV programs (“Crash,” “Kidz Bop,” Nickelodeon’s “i-Carly,” Disney’s “Get Connected”), various independent film projects, and South Korea’s popular reality musical show called “MBC Star Audition” aka “위대한 탄생” seasons 1 and 2. She is currently signed as a recording artist with Soulshop Entertainment in Seoul, Korea. Her single “8dayz” debuted on May 15, 2014.

Watch her growth:

“Fresh Off the Boat”

Oh snaps. Here’s a first look at this freshly picked up show about BaoHaus chef/VICE personality/Fresh Off the Boat author Eddie Huang‘s childhood!

So I only learned about Eddie Huang a few months ago, cuz’ 1. this pilot was THE most talked about pilot within the Asian American acting community and 2. when my brother and I were walking by the original Din Tai Fung in Taipei this March, my bro randomly gave me the lowdown about Mr. Huang (turns out my brother’s a fan cuz’ of these VICE videos). Then just a few weeks later, Eddie happens to come to my bday party/Dawen’s show at the House of Blues with some friends of mine. I kinda fangirled on the inside when I met him. #freakinsmallworld

Anyway, I’m looking forward to watching “Fresh Off the Boat,” cuz’ the guy is definitely interesting enough to make a show about. On top of that, one of my fave Asian American actors, Randall Park, plays his dad on the show, newcomer Hudson Yang who portrays young Eddie is the son of the very cool Jeff Yang, and Constance Wu (who I’m not familiar with) seems to be pretty funny. I’m definitely very excited about this show!

P.S. – This show will air on ABC (which is perfect, cuz’ ABC also stands for American Born Chinese :P).


Alfa – WAR!

Check out this fun music video from Alfa! Directed by Conrad Lihilihi. You might spot a familiar face in the pillow fight scene ;]


Having A Sister: Then Vs. Now

Look, Mom! I’m on BuzzFeed!

Directed by the very talented Eugene Lee Yang. Had a good time playing sisters with Hannah Jun and Z.Hera!

#IAm Christine Ha #WCW

From getting to know her in preparation of portraying her in the Jubilee Project short film “The Master Chef,” I’ve always been inspired by this woman. In honor of Woman Crush Wednesday, here is her #IAm video.

“You can’t make other people happy unless you’re happy.” Word.

Check her out at: |


It’s May and it’s Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Check out CAPE‘s #IAm campaign, which includes an original web series along with mini-documentaries about role models in the AAPI community.

You can spot me in episode 5 of the “#IAm” web series in a fun little scene with Bobby Lee. Special thanks to Andrew Oh and CAPE for letting me be a part of this!

WATCH: #IAm Original Series | #IAm Mini-Documentaries

“The Way You Make Me Feel”

Love Kawehi’s cover of this Michael Jackson classic. “Hehe”~