Taiwanese food in LA!

I’m Taiwanese and I LOVE food in Taiwan. Living in LA, it’s not often I get to eat good Taiwanese food unless I’m over at my uncle’s house in the OC for some home cooking or I’ve made a trip to the 626. Even then, I’m pretty picky and had never really found a restaurant that hit the spot… until now?

I’d been hearing about Pine & Crane for awhile and was pretty excited to give it a try, especially since they’re located IN LA. Last night, I went with a group of gal pals. We ordered some iced teas and a bunch of traditional Taiwanese dishes. Everything was consistently good except for the scallion pancake which was pretty tasteless. The beef roll was just OK (I will still make the trip to 101 Noodle Express in Alhambra for beef roll). Overall, it was a good meal and satisfied my taste buds.

Recommended and pictured (from left to right): Cold Appetizers (these change daily), Dan Dan Noodles, Pumpkin Dumplings (seasonal), Sweet Potato Leaves (from their farm!), Minced Pork On Rice, and Beef Noodle Soup! Also recommended and not pictured (in order of highest to lowest sweetness level): Iced Passion Fruit Green Tea, Iced Taro Milk Tea, and Iced Jasmine Green Milk Tea!

Oh, we certainly feasted.

Pine & Crane
1521 Griffith Park Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

I really gotta watch more live shows.

Watched a fantastic one woman show at the Second City in Hollywood tonight. Emily Churchill’s “Where R U Greg?” Such great storytelling. I laughed and had my heartstrings pulled at many, many times. Thank you for sharing and risking so much, Emily! I’m so inspired!

Watch out for this funny redhead: emilychurchill.com | Follow @EmChurchill

Chomp, chomp, chomp…

Today, in between an audition in Santa Monica and another one by Sawtelle, I grabbed a quick bite at my new fave west LA spot: Chomp Eatery & Juice Station!

I was first introduced to Chomp a year ago when I tried juice cleansing for the first time. Since then, I’ve been a fan of their cold-pressed juices and almond mylk.

This was my lunch today: A medium rare Ube Truffle Burger and a very refreshing Watermelon Chia Lemonade. YUM!!! For those of you wondering why the bread is purple, it’s the ube (purple yam)! Also, this burger’s not on the menu as it’s a special, but I think they may add it since it’s been so popular (oh, I hope so)!

Got a sweet tooth like me? Their macarons are pretty tasty, too! Mmm…

Can’t go wrong with a burger and/or juice.
Chomp Eatery & Juice Station
1612 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(right next to DK’s Donuts)

I am grateful for…

Family, friends, health, and good food!

Pictured: Cafe Gratitude’s “FABULOUS” raw lasagna- a seasonal special which includes squash blossoms, heirloom tomatoes, cilantro pumpkin seed pesto, fresh corn, summer squash noodles, cashew queso fresco, salsa verde, and raw cacao mole. YUM!

What are you grateful for?
Cafe Gratitude
639 N Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004

“Netflix Musical”

From the creators of “Star Wars Musical,” here’s another geeky musical parody starring Chrissa Sparkles and Harry Shum, Jr.


Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt

Day 3 of Sanrio’s #HelloKittyHungryHunt and I scored this super cute Hello Kitty x Seoul Sausage pin with a spicy pork sausage and fries! (Dang. It’s been a fatty weekend).

Want this pin? You have until November 21st while supplies last.
Seoul Sausage Company
11313 Mississippi Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Meat and potatoes.

This meal was from over 12 hours ago and I’m STILL digesting it… Shoot, if you could only see the POUNDS of food that was actually served. Pictured: Crispy Potatoes, Plantains, Pork Belly, Chicken Wings, Sausage, and Ribs. Not pictured (because I’ve become less of an Asian taking pictures of food): Ceviche, Empanadas, Street Corn, and SAUUUCES. Can’t forget to mention the La Muñeca cocktails (a very refreshing drink if you like guava, lemon, and a little fizzy). For dessert, we had Paris Brests and Mini Puffs from Beard Papa + a very delicious Carrot Cake from Lark Cake Shop in celebration of bride-to-be CL. That’s right, a group of ladies ate like dudes at a bridal shower. *BURP*

Where can you find this meaty goodness?
3451 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020

Got a case of the Mondays?

Watch this. It might make you feel better about your life.

Fun times dancing and singing…

Shaking it off with David Choi and the Fu.

Grooting with Anthony Ma.

Dear Diary… Maybe I’m Just Dreaming

June 12, 1997 – The last day of junior high.

Music by George Shaw.