Cinema Musica 2010 was a success!

The crowd pleaser of the night was Sour’s “Hibi No Neiro (Tone of Everyday)” directed by Masashi Kawamura, Hal Kirkland, Magico Nakamura, and Masayoshi Nakamura (mucho thanks to Anderson Le for hooking this one up!):

Kina Grannis’ “Valentine” directed by Ross Ching, Far East Movement’s “I Party” directed by Choz Belen, and Taiyo Na’s “Immigrant Mother” directed by Gary San Angel were also very well-received by the audience. All in all, everyone I spoke to said that they really enjoyed the program and that every single video, even the ones lower in production quality, stood strong in concept.

A highlight of the night for me was when Gene Cajayon came up to me after the program and thanked me for putting it together. He told me that he’d been thinking of quitting filmmaking, but my program inspired and encouraged him! I was actually really encouraged by his words and by others’ feedback throughout the night, cuz’ to be honest, I had been thinking this might be my last year curating the program after last year’s not-so-strong program. Btw, Gene directed THE DEBUT, which I’ve actually owned on DVD since college, so it was very cool to meet him!

Anyway, I’m so glad people liked the music vids this year! For those who missed the screening, you can watch all the videos online here:

Finally, thanks again to all who came out last night! Mucho thanks to all the filmmakers and artists who were in attendance. And of course, to LAAPFF/Visual Communications for giving me the opportunity to curate this program, to Toyota for sponsoring, and to the Downtown Independent for hosting us!