iPhone 5 is revolutionizing my life.

Or it’s just killing more of my time. Haha. But seriously, this is the first time I’m ever blogging from my phone and I am pretty stoked. I haven’t owned a laptop for years nor have I had the luxury of a tablet… I’m also coming from BlackBerry world, so having my new iPhone has been a blast so far.

For those who know me, you know I’m one of those Asians that like taking pictures of my food. Even though my BlackBerry camera was super sucky, I still religiously took photos of almost every meal in the last year. And now… iPhone is changing up my game. Haha.

Anyway, there’s still so much more for me to learn about this phone and it seems like there’s an endless plethora of apps. Which btw, being new to iPhone, I welcome app suggestions 🙂

  • The apps I use daily.

    Holy Bible (YouVersion)
    The Weather Channel (much more comprehensive than Apple app)
    Gas Buddy (Find the nearest and cheapest Gas Station)
    Waze (Good alternative to the maps traffic, helps find Police hiding too)
    Alfred (Food suggestions, if Yelp isn’t enough)
    Sports Tap
    Earthquake (American Red Cross)
    QR Reader (Scans QR codes)
    Quick Scan (UPC scans, searched the internet for cheaper prices)
    Viber (Free International Calls)
    WhatsApp (Free Chat)
    Best part of all these apps, they are all free.

  • Victor Shiu

    Steven suggested some really good apps.
    Highly recommend Waze, helps avoid traffic and cops.  

    Instead of QR reader though, I would suggest RedLaser.  QR Reader sometimes has difficulty reading QR codes, RedLaser’s faster and has a higher success rate.  

    If you receive a lot of Business Cards, CardMuncher scans them and extracts whatever information it can get from them, then links it onto LinkedIn.

    Shazaam listens to music and identifies it for you.  I like to use it whenever I hear something I like in a restaurant or cafe.

    And don’t know if you’ll be using this much, but it’s been quite useful for me in a lot circumstances.  Clinometer is the best leveling app I’ve yet seen.  It makes your iphone a level to check if things like pictures, furniture, etc. is leveled with the ground.   

    I also occasionally use Amazon to check and compare prices between a store and Amazon.com, but I’m pretty sure there’s a better app somewhere that can compare prices between all stores.