2012. Hindsight is always 20/20.


Exactly one year ago, I took the time to reflect on 2011, so to continue the tradition, here’s a little recap of 2012’s highlights for me~

1. I got to fulfill my dream (and begin my career) of voice acting!
2. Linsanity happened.
3. Got LASIK which has been life changing!
4. Won a pair of tickets from Asiana Airlines thanks to many of you. In case you’re wondering, I ended up giving them to my parents.
5. Booked my first TV pilot! There were def a lot of good stepping stones with the career this year.
6. PSY happened.
7. Made the switch from Blackberry to iPhone. I have to say, this was also life changing LOL.
8. Embarked on a 90 day challenge/Sabbatical. Got a lot more fit and well-rested. However, it was and still has been a struggle. This journey continues.
9. Became tight with the Jubilee Project. I am a Jubileever for life.
10. Had an awesome time living on my own, but ended up finding an amazing home to live in and share with one of my best friends.
11. Started to stop stopping myself and began doing what I said I would do. This is still a work in progress.
12. My blog from a year ago was written with a heart that was still being mended. Since then, my heart has definitely gone through a lot of healing and to be completely honest, my heart still has a lot to go through. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be though- and I think it’s a good place.

Once again, I was very blessed in 2012. If the world had ended this year, I would’ve been satisfied*. But obviously, God has something more planned for both you and me. Besides Lin-PSY-nity, 2012 was a very blooming year with career, friendships, and personal growth. I know that there is still so much more to learn and experience, so I’m excited for 2013! *cheers* to you all and Happy New Year!

*EDIT (1/1/13 12:50P)- Actually, I lied, if the world had ended, I would NOT have been satisfied. I would’ve been thankful for everything that had happened to me in my life thus far, but there is definitely still a lot more to do~ so 2013, let’s go!

  • i’d love to hear more about your voice acting career and how that got started! i’m glad you are well, grace. 🙂