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E! Online revealed today that Arden will be joining the cast of MTV’s “Teen Wolf.” And so here I am to brag about my friend! ;]


Arden and I first met at the San Diego Asian Film Festival in 2007. I won’t get into details, cuz’ this would be a really long blog entry, but in short, Arden and I have been through a lot. We’ve worked together, lived together, cried together, laughed together, prayed together… She’s one of my best friends who has supported me in so many ways and I am sooooo happy for her. I’ve seen her go through ups and downs, grinding and struggling, questioning this career choice, even almost giving it up… and through it all, I’ve seen her grow in strength, faith, and humility. I never had a doubt that Arden was destined for greater things and I am sure this is only just one exciting chapter ahead of many others. I’m so proud of her, so excited for her, and can’t wait to watch her in “Teen Wolf!” I guess that means I need to start watching from Season 1. Haha!

My favorite photo of us (shot by Garrick Fujii at a MY NINJA! party in 2010)

And Arden’s very outdated reel (which yours truly cut for her):

Official Bio [edited]:
Arden Cho, from the Heartland of America, is a growing artist. Her roots lay in Texas and Minnesota, but she received her B.A. from the University of Illinois. After graduation, she spent time in Kenya volunteering alongside medical missionaries. Upon returning stateside, she relocated to Los Angeles, California. With the hopes of inspiring positive change, she began her perpetually growing experience in the entertainment industry. As a model, Arden acquired the Clinique campaign for Asia, as well as Appleā€™s iPhone ad for South Korea. She has also worked on Reebok Korea, Nike Japan, Alexander McQueen London, Vogue, Purple Fashion and Nylon Magazine. Her current film and television credits include Olympus Has Fallen, The Baytown Outlaws, “CSI: NY,” “Rizzoli & Isles,” “Pretty Little Liars,” Walking The Halls and a national commercial for McDonalds. Arden has recently expanded her love of art with music. After building a strong following on Twitter and YouTube through singing, she reached out to fans by recording her first EP, which was released January 22, 2013. Arden continuously works to find projects that reflect her passion and develop her artistic expression.

To learn more about Arden, visit her website: ardencho.com

  • ardens friend

    this girl is really not a nice person…beautiful but sad to say, a dime a dozen. she will get a reality check in the next couple of years.

    • Janet c

      You sound more like an Arden hater or a two faced friend, dunno how you can think you are her “friend”… I’ve known Arden for almost a decade and she’s a sweetheart. I think you my dear need a reality check.

    • You, my “friend,” don’t seem to be a very nice person. Maybe you need to check yourself. Ain’t nobody got time for your haterade. Shoot, I feel like I wasted a few seconds of my life responding to you.

    • George

      I’ve heard about the same thing too from multiple sources but then again, they are just sources. Whether or not she’s a nice person or not, who cares. As long as she delivers the goods and plays the role well, I’m happy to see another Asian face on mainstream television.

    • Steven Chew

      I’ve met Arden twice in person, and she’s been nothing but nice. It’s unfortunate that the Internet allows people to post hateful comments behind the screen without any repercussions.

  • Guest

    I’ve met Arden twice in person, and she’s been nothing but nice. It’s unfortunate that the Internet allows people to post hateful comments without any repercussions.