Chicken and beer!

What is it about this combination that is so good? Mmm…

OB Bear does it right. Pictured: Spicy chicken wings (양념 닭날개) and a small order of fried chicken (통닭).

We ordered this pitcher of Blue Moon which came with a nice touch of orange and got this leek pancake on the house (yay, 서비스!). Refreshing and tasty!

‘Twas a good meal. 배불러요.

Where can you find this finger lickin’ belly filling deliciousness?
OB Bear
3002 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90005

P.S. – There is a free parking lot for OB Bear customers one block east (a rarity for K-town)! They also have English menus available if all you’re seeing is their Korean one. And for those new to K-town, don’t forget to use the button to call for service!