Peachies in the Bay!

So I’m in the Bay Area for Thanksgiving weekend! Usually, when my parents and I go out for food, we always eat at the same ol’ same ol’… tonight, we decided to try something new. Thanks to Yelp we found Fuji Huoshao & Dumpling!

For apps, we ordered Mixed Cold Seaweed and Garlic Eggplant. The server was really nice and also brought us some Boiled Peanuts on the house. Yum! The garlic eggplant was especially good. (Note: The flavor of the garlic eggplant may cause other dishes like the seaweed to taste pretty bland).

We also ordered the Mongolian Style Lamb that comes with a spicy dipping sauce.

This may have been my favorite. Lamb Soup! You get to season it to your liking (I added salt, my parents added pepper :P). The server added more soup on the house, so I was glad we had the extra pieces of Mongolian style lamb on the side!

Gotta order dumplings if you’re at a restaurant with “dumpling” in its name. This was the Three Deluxe (Pork, Chive, Shrimp). JUICY! No dipping sauces needed.

The main event: Beef Huoshao (牛肉火勺). I’d never even heard of “huoshao” until today, so based on what I had, it was a great introduction.


Fuji Huoshao & Dumpling
6184 Bollinger Rd
San Jose, CA 95129