Valentine’s Day with the Tripsters!

In Korea, there’s a special holiday post-Valentine’s Day just for single people. According to Y.J., our Korean American Tripster, 짜장면 (jajangmyeon), a Korean Chinese black bean noodle dish, is to be eaten by single people with black souls and saltiness in their hearts. Lol.

Technically, in Korea, on February 14th, women give men chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Then on March 14th, “White Day,” it’s the men’s turn to express their love with gifts of white chocolate, etc. to women (Japan, Taiwan, and China also observe this holiday). And then on April 14th, “Black Day,” single people who did not receive gifts on either Valentine’s Day or White Day can celebrate this day by wearing black, drinking black coffee, eating jajangmyeon, etc.

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day has always been such a highly commercialized bullshit holiday, so way to go, Korea, for making that bank. At least you give us a fun excuse to get together for food 😛 As for Lee’s Noodles, the jajangmyeon was good, but I liked the 짬뽕 (jjamppong) aka spicy seafood noodle soup better. The 만두 (mandu) aka dumplings and the spicy soy garlic Dok Dok Chicken were pretty damn good, too.

So whether or not you’re single, if you’re ever in Koreatown, Lee’s is not a bad option for Korean Chinese food where Dok Dok Chicken is also on the menu.

Lee’s Noodles
401 S Vermont Ave, Ste 1
Los Angeles, CA 90020