Casting three young East Asian girls between the ages of 3-12 for video directed by Eugene Lee Yang

Auditions will be held Tuesday, April 22 (sometime midday, more than likely between 10AM – 4PM). Director will send sides for the actress to prepare once an audition date and time are confirmed. Email headshots and resumes to

AZAMI / 8-12
The eldest sister. Strong-willed, independent, a critical thinker. Bosses her other sisters around with a righteous indignation. A take-charge, big personality, prone to temper tantrums, but still maintains being adorable. She makes herself seen and heard in a big way. She always gets what she wants but, in her heart, cares most about looking after her little sisters.

LEILANI / 6-10
The middle sister. Sweet-natured, caring, and full of hope and empathy. She’s the girl who stops to smell the roses and delights in girly things. Her biggest concern is making sure everything is fair and is generally level-headed besides throwing the occasional moody fit. She’s a nurturer and a giver and likes to make everyone around her feel as happy as she does.

ZAHARA / 3-7
The youngest sister. Offbeat, artistic, and little weird, but totally cute. She loves to play in the mud and paint with her fingers and notices the strange and beautiful things in life. She’s a little star and princess, constantly entertaining others with her adorable antics and is very hard to keep still. She’s brimming with personality and humor and loves being the center of attention.

This is only for copy/credit but the upside is massive online exposure. The BuzzFeed audience is in the millions and each video, guaranteed, receives hundreds of thousands of views.


The Fu and Lana McKissack’s cover of “Lean On Me” for Heart Philippines

Purchase the mp3 for $0.99 from iTunes. All proceeds will go to the Philippines.

Heart Philippines is a collective response from a community of artists and friends to support typhoon relief in the Philippines. Donate, support, and/or get involved:

“Asian women don’t get breast cancer.”

Just cuz’ I got them small Asian boobs doesn’t mean I can’t get breast cancer.

Praying none of us ever have to deal with any type of cancer, but it was recently brought to my attention that there is a lack of awareness and education regarding breast cancer in Asian women. So now there’s a new initiative to change that. Yes. Let’s keep the boobies in check.

Save Nina

Technically, Nina Polvanich Louie has less than 2 months to find a donor and there is still a lack of registered Asian bone marrow donors out there. If you’re Asian and you’re not registered, please consider becoming a donor. You could save a life!

  • Register online. They’ll send you a home typing kit which you will need to send back with your cheek swab samples. Make sure you label the kit with “VINIYA” in the promo code section to help expedite the process.
  • Register at a local drive in LA or SF.
  • If you’re not in LA or SF, find out where you can register in the U.S. or overseas.

Registering is easy. Being a donor is a commitment. Saving someone’s life, wouldn’t it be worth it?

More info:

LINSANITY Summer/Fall Internship!

The Linsanity movie team is looking for passionate, hard-working interns to help us release our film in theaters. Linsanity is a documentary about the NBA point guard, Jeremy Lin, who had a miraculous breakout season in February 2013 that caught the world by storm. We are looking for interns to help us develop and execute a marketing strategy that spans both domestically and overseas. We will be organizing street teams across the U.S., creating buzz across social media, activating special interest groups, and making an impact in Hollywood never seen before through these communities. You will gain valuable experience as well as be a part of shaping the marketing plan of a landmark event and a landmark film. Do you want to be a part of the action?

Candidate Requirements:
* Creative marketing wizards
* Extremely detail-oriented
* Familiar with social media and content (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)
* Experience doing data analysis a plus
* Experience doing web/graphics/video a plus
* Passionate about Jeremy Lin’s story!
* Location: LA, NY, SF Bay Area
* Time: Summer/Fall 2013
* Compensation: unpaid, we will support school credit

Read more…

Interested candidates can submit their resume to:

More info:


Today’s the big day! We’re about 5 hours away from the official premiere of LINSANITY at Sundance! I’m blogging from the cabin in Park City where most of our crew has been staying and there has been a lot of excitement leading up to today. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you already know that I’ve been actively updating with glimpses of my Sundance experience :)

Anyway, I finally have some downtime to post this up. If you want to learn more about LINSANITY or contribute to the project, please check out our Kickstarter page! If you know filmmaking, then you know that it cannot be done without a group effort, so any support you can give whether it’s financial or through spreading the word goes a long way and is greatly appreciated. Thanks, guys!

End of AIDS

Did you know that this is a reality? “The United Nations estimates that with the proper funding and support, we can have an AIDS-free generation of children by 2015.” Wow! I was completely oblivious until I watched this video. And that’s the thing. People don’t know, so the Jubilee Project (Jason, Eddie, and Eric) is on a mission to spread the word via social media and film. And they’re serious about this. Jason left consulting, Eddie left the White House, and Eric left medical school to pursue the Jubilee Project full-time. RESPECT. That’s a huge leap of faith and definitely for a good cause.

So let’s help them! They’ve recently launched a campaign to raise $30,000 in the next 40 days so that they can make this happen in the next year. To learn more or to donate, go to:


A LEADING MAN is looking for Asian and Caucasian extras

All ages. For a scene to be filmed in a dim sum restaurant in Monterey Park the morning of August 15th for 4 hours. No pay. Meals and credit will be provided. To volunteer, please email (headshots/photos are optional).

Synopsis: When a young and talented Chinese American actor is fired from a starring role on a television show, he attempts to salvage his career by entering into a romantic relationship with a successful casting director.

A LEADING MAN is writer/director Steven J. Kung’s feature film debut.

For more info, please visit:

Tim Kang’s ONE SHOOT FILMS seeking Korean American actors

Met the director last night and he told me they are still casting the lead and main supporting roles. Sounds like a great project~

Tim Kang’s ONE SHOOT FILMS seeking Korean American actors for “None of Them Will Collect My Soul”

Tim Kang launched his production company One Shoot Films (OSF) with the focus of getting back to the basics of good storytelling, and to produce relevant, engaging and entertaining films that accurately reflect the world we live in today.

OSF’s first project currently in pre-production is “None Of Them Will Collect My Soul”, a dramatic short film that focuses on the topic of human trafficking, addressing real life crimes of abduction and abuse, and encouraging awareness to the issues of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), an organization Tim is passionate about and has been involved with as the national celebrity spokesman since 2010.

OSF is immediately seeking Korean American actors for the female lead and several other supporting roles.

Shoot/Start Date: May 4, 5, and 6
Pay Rate: Deferred
Location: Los Angeles area

They are currently looking to cast the following roles:

[SU-JIN] Korean American girl, over 18 to play 15-16 years old, Vulnerable, expressive eyes. Knowledge of piano playing a plus, but not required. NEED TO SPEAK SOME KOREAN.

[MOTHER] Korean woman in her late 30′s to early 40′s,may be a bit over weight. NEED TO SPEAK FLUENT KOREAN.

Talent may submit directly to:
Please address in Subject: CASTING and include headshot, resume and link to demo reel if available. There is no nudity in this project.

ATTN: Asian American writers in NY

Open City is hiring.

Open City is a new online magazine on Asian American news and culture in New York. We’re looking for Creative Nonfiction Fellows to write and produce stories on the vibrant immigrant communities of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. In a time when Occupy Wall Street is shedding a harsh light on economic inequality, Open City offers a unique platform for writers to tell the stories of low-income Americans too often ignored or misrepresented. If you’re an emerging creative nonfiction writer looking for financial support, a work space and career mentorship, apply to become a Creative Nonfiction Fellow. You’ll help us document the rapidly growing, transforming and challenging experience of what it means to be Asian American in urban New York today. Applications are due on February 17, 2012.

Fore more info or to apply, go to: