Casting three young East Asian girls between the ages of 3-12 for video directed by Eugene Lee Yang

Auditions will be held Tuesday, April 22 (sometime midday, more than likely between 10AM – 4PM). Director will send sides for the actress to prepare once an audition date and time are confirmed. Email headshots and resumes to

AZAMI / 8-12
The eldest sister. Strong-willed, independent, a critical thinker. Bosses her other sisters around with a righteous indignation. A take-charge, big personality, prone to temper tantrums, but still maintains being adorable. She makes herself seen and heard in a big way. She always gets what she wants but, in her heart, cares most about looking after her little sisters.

LEILANI / 6-10
The middle sister. Sweet-natured, caring, and full of hope and empathy. She’s the girl who stops to smell the roses and delights in girly things. Her biggest concern is making sure everything is fair and is generally level-headed besides throwing the occasional moody fit. She’s a nurturer and a giver and likes to make everyone around her feel as happy as she does.

ZAHARA / 3-7
The youngest sister. Offbeat, artistic, and little weird, but totally cute. She loves to play in the mud and paint with her fingers and notices the strange and beautiful things in life. She’s a little star and princess, constantly entertaining others with her adorable antics and is very hard to keep still. She’s brimming with personality and humor and loves being the center of attention.

This is only for copy/credit but the upside is massive online exposure. The BuzzFeed audience is in the millions and each video, guaranteed, receives hundreds of thousands of views.


A LEADING MAN is looking for Asian and Caucasian extras

All ages. For a scene to be filmed in a dim sum restaurant in Monterey Park the morning of August 15th for 4 hours. No pay. Meals and credit will be provided. To volunteer, please email (headshots/photos are optional).

Synopsis: When a young and talented Chinese American actor is fired from a starring role on a television show, he attempts to salvage his career by entering into a romantic relationship with a successful casting director.

A LEADING MAN is writer/director Steven J. Kung’s feature film debut.

For more info, please visit:

Tim Kang’s ONE SHOOT FILMS seeking Korean American actors

Met the director last night and he told me they are still casting the lead and main supporting roles. Sounds like a great project~

Tim Kang’s ONE SHOOT FILMS seeking Korean American actors for “None of Them Will Collect My Soul”

Tim Kang launched his production company One Shoot Films (OSF) with the focus of getting back to the basics of good storytelling, and to produce relevant, engaging and entertaining films that accurately reflect the world we live in today.

OSF’s first project currently in pre-production is “None Of Them Will Collect My Soul”, a dramatic short film that focuses on the topic of human trafficking, addressing real life crimes of abduction and abuse, and encouraging awareness to the issues of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), an organization Tim is passionate about and has been involved with as the national celebrity spokesman since 2010.

OSF is immediately seeking Korean American actors for the female lead and several other supporting roles.

Shoot/Start Date: May 4, 5, and 6
Pay Rate: Deferred
Location: Los Angeles area

They are currently looking to cast the following roles:

[SU-JIN] Korean American girl, over 18 to play 15-16 years old, Vulnerable, expressive eyes. Knowledge of piano playing a plus, but not required. NEED TO SPEAK SOME KOREAN.

[MOTHER] Korean woman in her late 30′s to early 40′s,may be a bit over weight. NEED TO SPEAK FLUENT KOREAN.

Talent may submit directly to:
Please address in Subject: CASTING and include headshot, resume and link to demo reel if available. There is no nudity in this project.

MBC Star Audition Season 2

Word on the street is that “MBC Star Audition”~ “Korea’s most celebrated audition show” is holding auditions for Season 2 in LA on July 16th. Can you sing at least one song in Korean? Have you ever dreamed of being an international star? Well, here’s your chance. You have until July 15th to apply.


Here’s Megan Lee’s audition from Season 1:

And btw, here’s Megan’s latest music video for her single “Laugh Love & Live”~ so proud of her! Mucho props to SmashHitta, Steve Nguyen, Tommy Su, Melly Lee, Jeremy Crooks, Justin Vancho, and all who contributed to the making of this vid!

Casting: New Eugene Lee Yang Music Project

USC graduate/music video director looking to cast beautiful, extremely talented young Asian-American/mixed Asian women (around 16-25 years old) in the Los Angeles area for an exciting music project. Looking for strong, unique personalities with incredible voices, dance skills, and if possible, versed in a musical instrument. Links to some past work:

“I Am Not a Princess” Marina and the Diamonds Music Video:

“Ma Cite, Mon Histoire” (Vanity Fair/Banana Republic sponsored commercial short):

If interested, please message Eugene Lee Yang on his facebook:

OR I can connect you via email. Just lmk: grace[at]peachies[dot]net

Casting Notice – "Xiaoli"

Allucinari is casting “Xiaoli,” a surreal web series. Initial shoot is two days in West Los Angeles in late September. Running time is ten 2 minute episodes.

Seeking: “Xiaoli”: 18 to 28 Female, Asian-Chinese. Must speak fluent Mandarin. (English fluency is not required.) The character is cute, lost, and dangerous. She is a YouTube vlogger. LEAD.

Seeking: “Doll”, 18 to 22 Female. (Open to any Ethnicity.) Small, thin, innocent, a spacey demeanor, a human doll.

Please submit head-shots to: casting2010[at]

(While Non-Union is the intent – Since the series is based on one character primarily, Xiaoli, the production will consider the SAG internet agreement if the perfect match is a SAG actor.)

If curious what this “surreal” style is, please view “Fallen” and “Discovery” at

Extras needed for "K-town Cowboys"

Want to be part of a fun project this weekend? All you peeps out there… “K-town Cowboys” is looking for sharp-looking club goers!


Friday (Dec. 18): 8:30am-4pm
Cafe Bleu – 3470 W. 6th St. LA, 90020

Saturday (Dec. 19): 8:30am-5pm and 2pm-10pm*
La Defence – 3701 Wilshire Blvd. LA 90010
(Divided into two timeframes, but you are more than welcome to work the whole day if you like. *After 10:30pm, “K-town Cowboys” will have their official wrap party… so you can stay for that as well! No cover.)

Wardrobe: Club attire- however you would dress when going out to a club.

GUYS: Nothing too flashy. Fitted clothes for the guys who can get away with it, otherwise complementary fits. Lots of solids with layers would be nice. Blazer, button up T, jeans, dress shoes.

GIRLS: Show skin but don’t look like a go-go dancer :]

Come camera ready! No pay. Meals and credit provided! This is a SAG production.

“K-town Cowboys” is a comedic web series / feature film that stars Lanny Joon, Sunn Wee, Danny Cho, Pedro Kim, Bobby Choy (Big Phony), Justin Chon (Twilight), Bobby Lee (“MADtv”), and many others…

Casting Asian Am mom and dad for USC student film

Title: Cut the Fat
Logline: A man has to defend his honor, win over a wife, and protect his unborn child by gaining the respect of a man who detests him the most – his future father in law.

Auditions are at USC this Thursday, September 24th, 2009 from 6pm-11pm. Locations will be emailed.


DAD: Korean man in his 40’s-late 50’s. Very traditional, conservative and from the old world. He’s stuck in a time period and mentality that doesn’t exist even in modern-day Korea anymore. He wants to make sure that his future son in law has balls to protect his daughter from nature, foe, and random acts of violence from street gangs. Although he’s 1st generation, he’s made a name for himself in academia with several published literature and is a professor of English literature. He’s an expert martial artist.

MOM: Korean woman in her 40’s. Adaptable, shrewd, funny, and has very good intuition. Can tell right away when something is wrong and is immediately thinking of ways to solve problems.

Please send resumes and headshots to

Extras needed for big WEDDING PALACE scenes!

Come one, come all with your wedding guest attire! We are creating three BIG wedding scenes and need all the HELP we can get to make it look real with your flossy selves.

Dates and Call Times:
Monday, Dec 1 – 12:00 P.M.
Tuesday, Dec 2 – 11:00 A.M.
Wednesday, Dec 3 – 1:00 P.M.
(Attendance to all three days is not necessary. If you can make it to at least one day, that’d be awesome!)

Location and Parking: Wilshire Plaza Hotel
3515 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Wardrobe: What you’d wear to a wedding. Bright colors, please avoid black or white. And no logos! Bring at least two options.

Pay: Unfortunately, we cannot pay as this is a super low budget film. Lunch, snacks, and parking will be provided.

Contact Grace at:

WEDDING PALACE is a romantic comedy directed by Christine Yoo, starring Brian Tee (”Crash”), Kang Haejung (Oldboy), Bobby Lee (”MADtv”), Steve Park (”In Living Color”), and Margaret Cho.

Taken with my BB… please excuse the quality.

I will probably be an extra myself (for the 4th and 5th and 6th times~ lol). It’ll be fun! We’ve got a really fun cast and crew! Hope to see you~ :]

Extras and featured roles for WEDDING PALACE!

Casting background talent and featured roles for WEDDING PALACE, a romantic comedy directed by Christine Yoo, starring Brian Tee (“Crash”), Kang Haejung (Oldboy), Bobby Lee (“MADtv”), Steve Park (“In Living Color”), and Margaret Cho.

This is currently filming in Koreatown, Los Angeles through December 9th.

Please email availability and photo(s) to