“Colored Hearts” on Indiegogo

My BuzzFeed BFF, Robin Johnson, is making a short film based on a personal experience of hers and is currently raising funds to be able to tell her story with some basic filmmaking costs. Because Robin is really putting her heart out there with this story, I believe this will be a very special little film. Check it out:

“Colored Hearts” is “a love story about an interracial couple facing societal pressures to end their relationship.” Starring alongside Robin are Kane Lieu, Carlin James, and Aria Song. It will be directed by Stacey Mabrey.

If you are down for independent filmmaking, female filmmakers, and/or diversity in storytelling, please consider supporting! You can contribute here:

Rice on White

Today’s the last day of Rice on White’s Kickstarter campaign and they are sooo close in achieving their goal!

From what I’ve heard from people who’ve seen an early cut, the story is hilarious. And while it may be raunchy, I hear there’s a lot of heart, too. On top of that, it showcases leading men who are Asian and I am all for that ;]

For more info or to support this project, check out Rice on White’s Kickstarter:


I’ve known Evan Jackson Leong for over a decade since the grassroots marketing days of Better Luck Tomorrow. As long as I’ve known him, he has always had a greater vision for the Asian American community and has always pushed the envelope to make things happen.

Snakehead has always been Evan’s baby. Way before Linsanity or even 1040 (two documentary projects which I served as Assistant Editor). He wrote this script way back with the intention of making it his narrative feature film debut and now that time has finally come.

As Evan says, every single project he has ever worked on has been “for the community and by the community.” Absolutely true. I have firsthand experience and will vouch for him for life. He is truly someone who is passionate about getting our stories out there and despite any limitations, he will always find a way to do it with excellence.

If you are down, let’s make a movie!!!

What if Star Wars was a Disney musical?

That’s what film composer/self-proclaimed geek George Shaw and filmmaker Jeffrey Gee Chin are looking to further explore. As a passion project, they self-funded a first episode of this idea, now they’re hoping to get some crowdfunding support to produce the next episode, “The Empire’s New Groove.” Can you help make their “geekdom” a reality? They only have 2 more days left! A donation of $1 or more will enter you in a raffle to win an original sketch of Psylocke by Marvel/DC artist Jim Lee. A donation of $10 or more will enter you in a raffle to win an autographed Stan Lee Funko Pop figure!

To contribute or to get more info on the project, click here: http://rkthb.co/60774

Help the Jubilee Project raise $40,000 in the next 40 days!

These are my peeps and they are doing GREAT things. Their slogan: Doing Good is Contagious. What they do: make films for good causes. Please support them if you can! They are trying to raise $40,000 by December 31st so that they can continue doing what they do as a nonprofit. If you cannot donate financially, please keep them in your prayers and/or spread the word! They are seriously shining a light in dark places (like here).

You can make a tax-deductible donation here: jubileeproject2014.causevox.com

Thanks so much!

More info: jubileeproject.org

Help make Armed With a Camera 2015 (and future cycles) happen!

Dear Friends,

10 years ago, I had the privilege of being part of Visual Communications’ Armed With a Camera 2005. Through this program, I met so many talented individuals, got plugged in with the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, and jump started my career even before I had graduated from school. I got to make a 5-minute short film with the help of mentors and peers. This short went on to screen at festivals across the nation and was greenlit for broadcast on Current TV. Eventually, it would be the first thing I ever uploaded onto YouTube. I am forever thankful to the experience I had with AWC, the mentorship that was given, and the connections that I made. As someone who was unsure of what she wanted to do career-wise, AWC gave me the confidence and resources to pursue a career in film.

10 years later, I’ve learned that funding for this program has dropped.

Would you please support fundraising efforts to continue this program, so that young emerging Asian Pacific American storytellers can have an opportunity to plug in with a great community, hone their craft, and have this platform to share their stories?

You can do so on indiegogo: http://igg.me/at/awc2015/x/59313

In honor of AWC and #throwbackthursday, here is the original video of “Future Rock Stars of America” that I uploaded onto YouTube:

If you want a clean HQ version, click here. To get more info about the documentary, click here.

P.S. – I actually heard about AWC through 2003 alumnus, Evan Jackson Leong, who has gone on to do bigger and better things including LINSANITY. Through the years, I’ve been able to meet and work with several AWC alumni on various projects and it always feels like homecoming at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival. It’s kind of a cool little network!

Less than 24 hours to fund CRUSH THE SKULL, a horror/comedy feature film!

Chris Dinh is a ticking time bomb. He’s been accidentally offing his friends on YouTube and he needs your help to stop.

In all seriousness though, Chris Dinh is awesome and so is Viet Nguyen. I’ve had the pleasure of working with both of these ninjas and they are just mad talented. The two of them have been stewing on this project for awhile now and you’ll see that they have a very particular sense of humor. If you can help them make this film, please donate and/or spread the word! These next few hours will determine life or death for CRUSH THE SKULL as they will only be funded if they reach their goal of $75,000.

Back them on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/1iGZSer


Today’s the big day! We’re about 5 hours away from the official premiere of LINSANITY at Sundance! I’m blogging from the cabin in Park City where most of our crew has been staying and there has been a lot of excitement leading up to today. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you already know that I’ve been actively updating with glimpses of my Sundance experience 🙂

Anyway, I finally have some downtime to post this up. If you want to learn more about LINSANITY or contribute to the project, please check out our Kickstarter page! If you know filmmaking, then you know that it cannot be done without a group effort, so any support you can give whether it’s financial or through spreading the word goes a long way and is greatly appreciated. Thanks, guys!

End of AIDS

Did you know that this is a reality? “The United Nations estimates that with the proper funding and support, we can have an AIDS-free generation of children by 2015.” Wow! I was completely oblivious until I watched this video. And that’s the thing. People don’t know, so the Jubilee Project (Jason, Eddie, and Eric) is on a mission to spread the word via social media and film. And they’re serious about this. Jason left consulting, Eddie left the White House, and Eric left medical school to pursue the Jubilee Project full-time. RESPECT. That’s a huge leap of faith and definitely for a good cause.

So let’s help them! They’ve recently launched a campaign to raise $30,000 in the next 40 days so that they can make this happen in the next year. To learn more or to donate, go to: jubileeproject.causevox.com


Happy 2 Years, One Days Wages!

In just two years, this little non-profit has raised $858,318.13 with a mission of fighting extreme global poverty. 100% of donations (minus credit card fees) go to projects and partnerships, so ODW has to raise administration funds separately. To show ’em some love for their 2nd anniversary, would you be willing to invest at least $20 in supporting their work?

Find out more info here: http://onedayswages.org/two