Coming soon… “Blind Devotion”

I got unexpected chills watching this. And it’s only a teaser.


The Fu and Lana McKissack’s cover of “Lean On Me” for Heart Philippines

Purchase the mp3 for $0.99 from iTunes. All proceeds will go to the Philippines.

Heart Philippines is a collective response from a community of artists and friends to support typhoon relief in the Philippines. Donate, support, and/or get involved:

U.S. Census 2010

A PSA from arowanafilms featuring FM, Wong Fu, Randall Park, and some others: Asian Americans are one of the most likely groups to throw out their Census forms. This only hurts our own community in the long run. Less numbers, less money. Let’s get it right this decade and make sure we GET COUNTED!

Have you filled out your form yet? And btw, can someone fill in an extra one and write in “Taiwanese” for me? Haha 😛

Taiwanese American?

If you are, then claim it! And yes, I’m Taiwanese American if you’re wondering.

Btw, that whole Taiwanese / Thai confusion happens all the time. “Oh, so you’re Taiwanese? So can you speak Thai then?” o_O Totally different, yo. And the whole Chinese vs. Taiwanese issue… some of you may know Taiwanese peeps who get offended if you call them Chinese… well, though ethnically 90+% of Taiwanese are of mainland Chinese descent, culturally, politically, socioeconomically, historically, etc… there’s a big difference in being Chinese or Taiwanese. Anyway, enough about this political stuff. How ’bout that Taiwanese American Barack Obama?

Macho, Macho Man!!!

When I think of that song… I think of my dear friend, Aiko, actually. LOL. I remember she once wrote a blog about how when she used to model and have to pose sexy… this song would be in her head! Haha. Silly girl. If you’re in LA, you should check her out at her first show of the year at the Comedy Store!

Anyway, what’s up with some macho men that I know? Well, they are supporting the Center for the Pacific Asian Family!!

Also, here’s another vid of macho man, Steven Ho (who appeared in the above PSA). Yup, that’s him as “Conan” kicking the “Leno” ass.

Speaking of Conan, here’s another vid that my friends made featuring… RUFIO?!

Keep spreading the word!! 3 more days of voting! I also wanted to take this time to thank KoreAm for letting me write about CPAF on!

Other blog sites that have been awesome with spreading the word about CPAF include:,,,,, and!

Here’s one of the latest PSAs with C.S. Lee, Will Yun Lee, Leonardo Nam, Nikki SooHoo, and Nylon Pink:

And here’s an International PSA with lotsa big names including: Sandra Oh, John Cho, Aaron Yoo, Justin Chon, and many others. Major props to Chris Chan Lee for cutting together so many people in one PSA!

Um, and if you couldn’t already tell… I’ll be blogging about this everyday until every single one of you votes. That’s right. Haha. I kid, but please, if you’re on Facebook, it only takes a few seconds! Just go to or click the button below!

Van Ness Wu for

Wong Fu Productions and

Within the last 48 hours, a lot more official CPAF PSAs have been released (MUCHO props to the post-production team that’s been working around the clock!). You can check them all out here:

I thought this one with Wong Fu was super cute:

And on a CPAF-unrelated note, this new vid from Wong Fu is freakin’ hilarious…

Justin Chon talks about CPAF with

What is the Center for the Pacific Asian Family? Justin explains to He also answers a few questions about Twilight:

Also, here’s Justin’s official PSA for

FM, Big Phony, & Ken Oak support CPAF

More PSAs featuring some of my favorite Asian Am. musicians. | |