Need to learn some 90s dance moves?

Then look no further, cuz’ “Da AzN fLy GuRLz” break it down for you.


This is pretty dope.

Jun Sung Ahn’s Violin & Dance Cover of “Gentleman”

Maybe if I hadn’t quit violin lessons, I could’ve been making my Mother Father proud by making videos like this.

Pepsi x Beyoncé

I’m not even a Beyoncé or Pepsi fan, but this is a commercial well done.


“When It Counts”

A new interactive mini series brought to you by Wong Fu Productions and AT&T starring Yuri Tag, Mike Song, Aimee Lee Lucas, and Philip Wang. I wonder if Phil’s tiger pants will make a comeback? Here’s the trailer:

And here’s the first episode:

Kinda reminds me of a situation I’ve been in before. Can anyone else relate? Do nice girls also finish last? You can contribute your input at:

What a week!

I’m talking about Mike Song and his mama on “Ellen” and Monsters Calling Home on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” You gotta watch these videos if you haven’t already.

This isn’t the actual JKL video, but one that shows what happened before Monsters Calling Home’s performance on JKL. This one made me cry some seriously genuine happy tears~ :*D


“Gangnam Style”

Ever since my dear friend Rocky Jo showed me PSY’s “Gangnam Style” video on his iPhone, this song/video/dance has infiltrated my thoughts and life pretty much every single day. I really do have this song stuck in my head all the freakin’ time and it’s kind of annoying (thanks, Rocky!). Now with all these parodies that are coming out… well, shoot, it seems that we’ll be Gangnam stylin’ for awhile kinda like how we were party rockin’… (and well, the truth is, I’m still shufflin’).

This was the first parody I saw. Gotta love the JK guys.

David So can totally pull off PSY… it’s kinda uncanny.

I love this one cuz’ it’s so close to home. Totally LOL’d at David Choi’s part.

This makes me wanna dance

and drink Lipton Iced Tea. Haha. Go, Hugh Jackman!

(Thanks for sharing this, Rocky Jo!)

The LXD… the uprising begins!

Just caught up with “The LXD” on Hulu. Episodes 4 and 5 were released today and it seems that the story is finally being set into motion after three episodes of setting up specific characters.

I gotta say, I’m digging this so far. The story is intriguing, the actors/dancers are all hot so far (lol), and the choreography is tight. I myself am NOT a dancer, but I do enjoy the skills of others, so if you don’t appreciate dance, then this might not be a series for you as this is obviously very dance heavy. There’s definitely some sort of superhero/bad guy storyline going on, but it’s still very early to comment on how good the overall story is. But so far, I’ve been intrigued enough to want to continue to watch!

My fave episode so far? “Robot Lovestory” (episode 3):

Watch all the episodes here:
(unfortunately, this is only available in the U.S. for now. Intl’ peeps, stay tuned… it should be out by September according to Jon M. Chu).

Get more info at:

P.S. – Spotted my friend, Vivian Bang, in episode 4! Go Vivian!


This is gonna be sooo dope!!! Can’t wait. 7/7/2010 only on Hulu!

Watch the trailer on YouTube: