Rice on White

Today’s the last day of Rice on White’s Kickstarter campaign and they are sooo close in achieving their goal!

From what I’ve heard from people who’ve seen an early cut, the story is hilarious. And while it may be raunchy, I hear there’s a lot of heart, too. On top of that, it showcases leading men who are Asian and I am all for that ;]

For more info or to support this project, check out Rice on White’s Kickstarter:


I’ve known Evan Jackson Leong for over a decade since the grassroots marketing days of Better Luck Tomorrow. As long as I’ve known him, he has always had a greater vision for the Asian American community and has always pushed the envelope to make things happen.

Snakehead has always been Evan’s baby. Way before Linsanity or even 1040 (two documentary projects which I served as Assistant Editor). He wrote this script way back with the intention of making it his narrative feature film debut and now that time has finally come.

As Evan says, every single project he has ever worked on has been “for the community and by the community.” Absolutely true. I have firsthand experience and will vouch for him for life. He is truly someone who is passionate about getting our stories out there and despite any limitations, he will always find a way to do it with excellence.

If you are down, let’s make a movie!!!

Power Play

My friends at Sketch Juice made a really fun short film that is currently ranked #1 for the People’s Choice prize in My RØDE Reel- the world’s largest short film competition! Not only does it demonstrate a great use of RØDE gear, it’s got action, comedy, and an awesome cast.

PLEASE VOTE FOR THEM: http://www.rode.com/myrodereel/watch/entry/2591

Anita Ho

My friends, Lina and Steve, made a romantic comedy based off of their own real-life experience of when Steve met Lina’s parents for the first time. The couple not only wrote and directed the film, they also star in it along with George Cheung, Elizabeth Sung, Brian Yang, Kenny Waymack Jr., Becky Wu, James To, Jonathan Park, Raymond Ma, and Albert Wong. Looks like there are some cameos by the likes of Dante Basco, Joseph Vincent, and Megan Lee, too.


For those of you in LA, there will be a limited theatrical run at the Laemmle Playhouse 7 in Pasadena from February 27th through March 5th. You can purchase tickets on Laemmle’s website.

Check out the trailer here:


Coming soon… “Blind Devotion”

I got unexpected chills watching this. And it’s only a teaser.


KTOWN COWBOYS (the movie!)

So apparently, I’m still known for “Ktown Cowboys” (no joke, LA 18 asked me about it on CAPE’s red carpet this past Monday lol).

Anyway, here’s the teaser for the highly anticipated Ktown Cowboys the movie, not to be confused with the web series. Same writer, same director, same primary cast, different story. Looks like it’ll be a lot of fun.

Joining the fun are the likes of Ken Jeong, Daniel Dae Kim, and Steve Byrne. And no, I’m not in this one, but you can spot me for a few seconds in the web series.

More info: ktowncowboys.com


This one made me cry.

Check out this newly released short film by the Jubilee Project in partnership with Francis Chan’s book, You and Me Forever.

Did it make you cry, too?

Btw, the Jubilee Project is at 25% of their fundraising goal with 19 days left. If you feel led to, please donate or spread the word: jubileeproject2014.causevox.com



Benson Lee’s Seoul Searching looks like a good time. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this!

Justin Chon, Jessika Van… ooo la la!


“So… that just happened”

Stephen Park and Kelly Coffield Park are actors who first met on the set of “In Living Color.” Fast forward to today, they’ve been married for 13 years and are working on a project inspired by their own personal conversations. It’s what they call “episodes of a new reality based loosely on the truth.” Check out their pitch on indiegogo here:

To get a better idea of what they’re going for, check out this “minisode”~

Anyway, if you’re digging what they’re doing, there are 6 more days left to contribute to their funds! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what these two are going to come up with!

R.I.P. Roger Ebert

I will always appreciate the time you stood up for Asian Americans in film.

Thank you. ♥