Everyday Christmas

Happy Holidays!!! Check out Megan Lee’s latest MV featuring the Poreotics!


Megan Lee is STRONGER.

Oh yes she is.


Forget Cyber Monday

It’s PSYber Monday. I can’t wait to try the “Daddy” dance on the dance floor. LOL.


Royal Pirates – Run Away

New music and new video from the Royal Pirates featuring Enik Lin. Welcome back, guys. Looks like y’all put a lot of heart into this one.


“All I Need”

David Choi, this is so good.

For all of you in LA, come on out to David’s show at the Troubadour on March 20th! It’ll be his very first show of his “Stories of You’s and Me” world tour. PLUS, it’s my birthday and it’ll be David’s birthday two days later (yay, March babies!), so we’ll def have lots to celebrate! ;] Purchase tickets: davidchoimusic.com/tour/


Kina Grannis’ “Write It In The Sky” remixed by Ken Loi

Here’s a cool collab between singer/songwriter Kina Grannis, EDM producer Ken Loi, ISAtv, AT&T, and the people. A few weeks ago, Kina and Ken announced their collaboration with ISAtv and AT&T in a digital project called “The Mobile Mix.” They asked viewers to participate by helping them choose a remix style for Kina’s “Write It In The Sky.” To further the collaboration, Wong Fu Productions directed this music video featuring Arden Cho and Ryan Potter.

Dig the song? You can download it here: WeAreTheMobileMix.com


Anthony Ma + MC JIN + magic =

Which btw, Jin just dropped a new album called “XIV:LIX”~ check it out on iTunes.


“Netflix Musical”

From the creators of “Star Wars Musical,” here’s another geeky musical parody starring Chrissa Sparkles and Harry Shum, Jr.


Kawehi – Anthem

I “Liked” this video within the first 10 seconds. It’s the first release from Kawehi’s Robot Heart. Brand spankin’ new.


eSNa – I, I Love You

English version of eSNa’s official debut single:

Check out the original here. #MusicMonday