Jeremy Lin and Van Ness Wu go undercover for adidas

Posing as Wayne and Vincent, the guys hit up a gym in Taiwan to make sure people are training properly…

LOL! These guys are such goofballs 😛

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM)!

And I am totally late on this post!

If you haven’t already seen CAPE’s 2015 collection of #IAm stories, here’s the trailer for this year’s campaign:

Featuring a handful of friends who’re doing big things, #IAm a proud believer in even bigger and better things to come for the APA community. It’s a good time to be Asian Pacific American!

“All I Need”

David Choi, this is so good.

For all of you in LA, come on out to David’s show at the Troubadour on March 20th! It’ll be his very first show of his “Stories of You’s and Me” world tour. PLUS, it’s my birthday and it’ll be David’s birthday two days later (yay, March babies!), so we’ll def have lots to celebrate! ;] Purchase tickets:



Here’s episode one of a new weekly web series based off of David Choi’s real life… kind of. Starring David Choi, Samuel Juhn, and Shane Yoon.

Josh Paler Lin gives a homeless man $100… you gotta watch this!

YouTube prankster Josh Paler Lin gave a homeless man $100 with the intention of filming an exposé video. Instead, Josh got some unexpected footage.

In just one day of being uploaded, the video has already been viewed over 5 million times and a fundraiser for Thomas, the homeless man, is already at over 300% of its goal. Incredible. Mad props to Josh Paler Lin! I’m a new subscriber :]

Want to help Thomas get a fresh start? Donate here.

Comfortable: 50 People 1 Question

The Jubilee Project and iNature Skincare gathered 50 people to ask them the question, “If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?”


I really gotta watch more live shows.

Watched a fantastic one woman show at the Second City in Hollywood tonight. Emily Churchill’s “Where R U Greg?” Such great storytelling. I laughed and had my heartstrings pulled at many, many times. Thank you for sharing and risking so much, Emily! I’m so inspired!

Watch out for this funny redhead: | Follow @EmChurchill

#IAm Christine Ha #WCW

From getting to know her in preparation of portraying her in the Jubilee Project short film “The Master Chef,” I’ve always been inspired by this woman. In honor of Woman Crush Wednesday, here is her #IAm video.

“You can’t make other people happy unless you’re happy.” Word.

Check her out at: |


It’s May and it’s Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Check out CAPE‘s #IAm campaign, which includes an original web series along with mini-documentaries about role models in the AAPI community.

You can spot me in episode 5 of the “#IAm” web series in a fun little scene with Bobby Lee. Special thanks to Andrew Oh and CAPE for letting me be a part of this!

WATCH: #IAm Original Series | #IAm Mini-Documentaries

Jubilee Project says “We Can’t Stop!”

Um, I am totally ADHD, cuz’ I started blogging this earlier today in the morning and now the day is almost over! Haha. ANYWAY, I meant to say, happy Monday and LET’S ALL HAVE A GOOD WEEK!

This video makes me happy, because I heart these boys! If you watch ’til the end, you’ll catch me in the previews of short films that the Jubilee Project will be releasing in the coming weeks!