“So… that just happened”

Stephen Park and Kelly Coffield Park are actors who first met on the set of “In Living Color.” Fast forward to today, they’ve been married for 13 years and are working on a project inspired by their own personal conversations. It’s what they call “episodes of a new reality based loosely on the truth.” Check out their pitch on indiegogo here:

To get a better idea of what they’re going for, check out this “minisode”~

Anyway, if you’re digging what they’re doing, there are 6 more days left to contribute to their funds! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what these two are going to come up with!

“ISA!” Variety Game Show

Have you ever watched any of those super random, quirky Asian game shows? Well, here’s ISA’s take on that genre for the YouTube audience:

I LOL’d lots, especially during the “Pass It On” segment. Fun show, ISA!

R.I.P. Roger Ebert

I will always appreciate the time you stood up for Asian Americans in film.

Thank you. ♥

Jason Chu – Much Love


Directed by Jason Poon. If you dig it, spread the love!

Jason Chu’s Links:
Official | YouTube | Facebook

Arden Cho’s “My True Happy” + MV for “I’m the One to Blame” + Giveaway!!!

I’m seriously proud of this girl. She has been on quite a journey with her heart and she shares some of that in her new album, “My True Happy.” While Arden came to LA to pursue acting and she will be the first one to tell you that she’s not the best singer, music has always been a hobby and passion of hers and it has definitely become a creative outlet for her to express herself. With her own money, late nights at the recording studio, and collaborative efforts with talented musicians, Arden has definitely worked hard to make this happen. Kudos to Koo Chung, Mike Schmid, et al. for helping her achieve her official recording artist status!

Along with the new album, comes a new MV which Arden also produced. I can tell you that it ain’t easy to be talent AND produce at the same time. Of course, filmmaking is a collaborative effort, so kudos to Sheldon Schwartz, Lewis Tan, and everyone involved. There’s some great storytelling going on here.

Finally, Arden’s doing a REALLY COOL giveaway (which I hope to win!!!~ lol). Win a courtside seat next to Arden at the upcoming LA Clippers vs. OKC Thunder game! WHAAAT?! Like I said, I want to win this!

So how can you enter to win? 1. “Like” the “I’m the One to Blame” video on YouTube. 2. Share the video on your social media networks. 3. Enter through Facebook (click the Facebook login button here to receive your entry #). You have until February 11th to enter. Good luck!

Get your hardcopy of “My True Happy” here or buy it on iTunes!

Beck’s x Willy Chyr

Came across this commercial on YouTube today. It was the first time I didn’t click “Skip Ad.” From this ad, I learned about an artist named Willy Chyr and had no idea what the actual product was until the very end. Who would’ve known it was for beer? LOL. Gotta give Beck’s props for spotlighting artists and for producing a very compelling 90 second ad. I don’t think that’s an easy thing to do, especially in such an ADHD culture. *cheers* to Chyr and beer!

Find out more about Willy Chyr and his art: willychyr.com


Chris Chambers/Getty Images

I haven’t been able to watch any of the previous 5 games live, but through Facebook, Twitter, news articles, blogs, and highlights on YouTube, I very quickly and proudly jumped onto the Linsanity bandwagon. Heck yah. What he stands for is what I thrive for! Not only is he also a 2nd generation Taiwanese American who has quite possibly become the most widely recognized Asian American public figure within just the last week, he has brought such a positive light into the mainstream, giving all the glory to God, and that is freakin’ AWESOME.

In late 2010, I got to see Jeremy play while I was up in the Bay and I remember thinking how crappy it was how little playtime he got. I could barely see what kind of skills he had then. I mean, nobody was passing the ball to him :[ Here’s my footage from that night (totally stalkerish):

Mind you, I’m not one that follows the NBA or knows anything about stats, etc., but I’d definitely heard about Jeremy a few years ago (probably from Angry Asian Man). Then I started to see him around here and there. And BOOM, now he’s in the spotlight with all eyes on him. Exciting times to be Asian American. Year of the Dragon… coincidence? I think not. I’m definitely rooting and praying for Jeremy!

Finally, for someone who never really cared for sports paraphernalia, I’m about to stock up on Jeremy Lin gear. This is one of them (MY LINJA! by MY NINJA!):


P.S. – Jeremy, if you’re reading this~ don’t let all these blogs get to your head 😛 Haha. But you obviously don’t need me to tell you that!

Underneath Your Love

I love this. I don’t care how cheesy y’all think it is~ I love the message and I love that Michelle is writing, directing, and inspiring!

Arden Cho’s 2011 Fashion Style

I like this new vid of Arden’s. It definitely displays her taste in clothing. Simple, classy, and feminine! Not sure I can pull these off the way she can, but I may have to borrow a few things here and there. Haha.

Dig these looks? You can find a lot of the items in the vid on DailyLook (Arden has also listed the items and posted links here). Sign up now and get 20% off: http://bit.ly/uCvc72 – Thanks, Arden!

Midnight Kiss

Michelle Phan is definitely one of the most talented young women I know. She’s a visionary artist who transcends the art of makeup. I love that she’s writing and directing short narrative pieces for her tutorials! Check it out. Just in time for NYE: