In 2011, I…

1. Lived very day by day.
2. Went to Cambodia.
3. Fell in love.
4. Reconciled a broken friendship.
5. Started being a lot more health-conscious.
6. Discovered a hobby in taking photos of food.
7. Experienced heartbreak.
8. Started taking acting classes.
9. Narrowed down my list of close friends.
10. Decided to live on my own.
11. Was very blessed.

2012, I’m ready for ya. Bring it.

Audrey’s Recap

Sooo, what did I end up wearing to Audrey’s Fashion Night Out? A gold-sequined dress from Michael Kors which Ashley Choi (#FF @ashleychoi) picked out for me! On top of styling, Ashley did my hair and makeup, too :]

Anyway, I didn’t capture any video from the night, but here’s one from Pacific Rim Video Press. It’ll give you a good idea of the event:

And to be honest, I actually missed half of the fashion show… cuz’ I was busy making friends by the food (you can usually find me close to food at any event haha). So I didn’t get to see Kaba Modern or Blush… I was definitely distracted by an incredible carrot cake and other delectable goods provided by Vanilla Bean Bakery. Haha. I’m a foodie, not a fashionista. Other than that, I had a good time catching up with friends. Mucho thanks to Audrey for inviting me out! :]

Happy Angryversary!

Yay-yuh. Angry Asian Man‘s 10 year anniversary party was super fun. It was crazy packed, too! There were so many people I wanted to catch up with, but it was just impossible with so many awesome people in one room! Anyway, around midnight, I got to introduce a very special project that Phil Yu’s wife aka angryplus1 asked me to help her with….

I’m actually quite proud of how this turned out and I’m really glad Phil enjoyed it!

P.S. – For those of you who were there and caught my joke about being mistaken for Ali Wong, here’s a photo of Ali that a bunch of my friends thought was of me. Haha. I can actually see the resemblance…

Restoration in Progress

For those that follow my blog, you might notice that it’s looking a bit different right now. I’ll probably be fiddling with it the next few days/weeks… but after wiping my site, re-installing WordPress, and a few hours of manually deleting code from a corrupted XML file, I THINK I may have restored my content to the way it was pre-hack. Well, I HOPE SO at least! In the meantime, YES, I AM ALIVE! Haha. It’s been awhile since I’ve really blogged, vlogged, or even been that active online. I guess I’m still kind of active on Twitter, but not as much as before. Funny how life happens and priorities change.

To give you an update, I’ve been in a place of transition and growth in the last few months. 2010 was a year of many choices and lessons learned. It started out with an adventure in Asia leading me to think I’d be moving there. Then when I returned to the States, I was conflicted because of what I’d already established in LA. Doors had opened up in Asia, but new doors opened up in LA as well. I decided to stay in LA. Then unexpected things happened and by the end of the year I felt like I was back where I started. In reality, I was in a very new and different place. I may have gone through a lot to end up back at square one, but I gained a lot of perspective. So I guess that’s why I’m writing this blog… I’m back where I started, but with a new attitude. Sure my site was hacked and I was forced to start all over, but I’m okay with that. Moving forward, I’d like to try to blog more often, but I’m not gonna promise anything like I have in the past (i.e. blogging daily or making more vlogs, etc.). I’m just gonna be doing what I’ve been doing… living life day by day and if that includes blogging from time to time, then alright, cool.

Life has been awesome, God has been faithful, and I’m excited for what’s in store for 2011 (I know, I’m a little late with the New Year’s sentiment!). So hello, world. Here I am again.


My website has been restored! I hadn’t been able to login to blog for the last month cuz’ someone had hacked my site in December. I just so happened to try today and it worked (obviously). Woohoo. I’m guessing my web hosting company was able to restore my site from a backup (I had put in a request, but hadn’t heard anything back from them). I almost thought I’d have to start completely anew… PHEW!!!

Anyway, there’s a lot of stuff I’ve been wanting to blog about… there are also a lot of video blogs I still need to edit! Can’t believe it’s already near the end of January. 2011!!! So much to do, so little time! Who else feels this way?

My POV Behind the A.S.S.

Here’s my behind the scenes look at Agents of Secret Stuff.

Also, check out my behind the scenes photos!

What am I thankful for?

A lot. For life, for family, for friends, for food, for love. Even the bad stuff. With all the things that could make me sad in this world, I remember that everything physical is fleeting. In what seems to be a hopeless world, there is still hope. We live and learn. We stumble and fall. We get up. We grow. I’m thankful for every hurt and pain that I’ve ever gone through and am going through, but I am more thankful for what God is doing, how He has redeemed and will redeem, and for His unfailing love. He’s the one who’ll get us through the darkness. He’s the reason why I have joy in my life and He is the only one who is ALWAYS there. God Bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving~ my prayer for you is that you would know that there’s ALWAYS something to be thankful for… everyday. Just count all your blessings. Even the small ones. It starts with being faithful with very little :]

“Hope in a dark place.” This is a photo from my Bangkok trip earlier this year. I was in Nana, a red light district, to do some research on sex trafficking. Saw a lot of dark things while I was there. One morning while prayer walking, I spotted this heart on the sidewalk. Had to take a picture of it.

"The Refuge"… & new adventures.

If you follow me on Facebook, you might’ve noticed that I’ve been around a lot of guns lately… haha. Check it out:

What’s up with all this gun shooting? Well, I’ve been working on a web series called “The Refuge” with a bunch of talented peeps… check out the teaser!

Bang bang. Don’t mess with Peachies.

KoreAm’s Krazy K-pop Music Video Battle

has begun! You can check out all the videos and vote for your favorite here:

Of course, I’m biased and want the video that I worked on to win… but I really just want to say that I’m super proud of my lil’ sis, Megan Lee. Not only does she cover the song and star in this, she also wrote and directed this MV (her directorial debut)! She’s much more than a triple threat yo! I’m also super proud of the team that worked on this. This was really a family effort by the Lee family with additional help from Robert Ryu, Melly Lee, and myself. I’m REALLY proud of all of us considering this was all made from concept to execution within the span of 72 hours. We definitely got pretty crazy delirious, especially during the editing process… 2 nights of sleepovers at my place with very few hours of sleep! Haha. With that said, the MV definitely has its flaws since we were in a rush, BUT I still think it’s KRAZY awesome and I hope it puts a smile on your face!

If you dig it, please vote for us! We’re #8 in the voting poll. Muchas gracias! :] VOTE FOR US HERE:

Been MIA…

from blogging as you can probably tell. It’s a lot harder to blog on a consistent basis these days, total fail with my New Year’s resolution of blogging daily. Haha. Anyway, what have I been up to? Well, in a nutshell, I’ve been freelance video editing, developing creative projects, trying to get myself out there more in front of the camera, and spending quality time with peeps! Things have been good. Life is not boring. And OMG, it’s November already! Two more months of this year! Crazy!

In the meantime… yay, Giants! (Bay Area pride).