The resurrection of…

Kim Jong Il… Eharmony.

We’re one of the “best links on the web” according to Jeff Yang for Wall Street Journal’s “Speakeasy” blog: Kim Jong Il: A Guide to the Best Links on the Web

Appropriate? Inappropriate? Haha. I admit, it’s a little bit strange to be poking fun at someone who just passed away, but I think we can make a special case for Mr. Kim. *insert moment of silence* On a serious note, I’m definitely hoping and praying for positive changes for North Korea… and with the passing of KJI, the future’s definitely looking brighter.

#FF @TheOtherAsians

Because they are cool! And if you don’t know who they are yet, check ’em out!! Read some interviews, leave some comments, tweet, like, and hate if you want… but you’re kinda whack if you hate on what they’re doing.

And yes, that is me. Next to my sisters-from-other-mothers, Nadia Hatta and Jeannie Mai (who are both amazing women). I had the honor of being interviewed by OA recently, so if you want to know more about me and what I’ve been up to, I’d say this feature will give you a pretty good idea. For those of you who’ve already read it and this is old news… thanks for reading! I appreciate all the comments and tweets I’ve been getting!

In the meantime… it’s FRIDAY and you should check out Dawen’s spin on Rebecca Black’s “Friday”… puahaha:

Angry Reader of the Week

Fun little interview for!

Thanks, Phil!

*GASP* I'm on Evil Monito!

Evil Monito! Wow. I’ve known the peeps behind this online gem for awhile now, but I never for the life of me thought I’d be material for them. Thanks to Emily, Sylvia, and Rickey for the love!

Here’s the link to my Q&A:

For those who crave an intellectual forum on contemporary pop culture and for whatever reason haven’t heard of EM, check ’em out:

Soy Sauce Drama

I’m talking about the soy sauce commercial I worked on that is currently airing. Here are two blogs that aren’t happy with the commercial:

“Soy Sauce is Love Potion” from Disgrasian

Just Your Typical Soy Sauce Love Story Commercial” from 8Asians

I’m not surprised at all.

My two cents: why a White guy and an Asian girl? Most likely somebody in marketing’s idea. From what I gathered, they were trying to make it “modern”… interracial couple, man cooking for woman… something like that. The same exact story could’ve been told with an Asian guy. Totally. If it were up to me, I would’ve casted an Asian guy + White girl. But until more politically conscious peeps write things differently…

I personally didn’t and don’t find anything wrong with the commercial. If you disagree, well, then, please be the one to write things differently and I’ll support you all the way (as long as it’s not Kenneth Eng style).

Anyway, political stuff aside, a lot of the comments and blogs totally cracked me up. I was definitely questioning the onion rings dipped in pork belly and soy sauce juice, too… lol.

Food… Facebook… Fast.

Nice. This food blog, Serious Eats blogged about the soy sauce commercial I’m in. Thanks to them, I now know the translation of the Chinese in the commercial! Haha. Pretty ridiculous (but at the same time, you prob get the picture without needing the following):

Stew juice, onion rings, love story.
Our story started with Kim Ve Wei-Wong soy sauce.
When we first met, he was shy.
My mom said, to cook for guest, we need to use real fermented soy sauce.
Because it does not contain preservatives.
My favorite at the time was onion rings dipped in the stew juice.
From that day on, he loved the good flavor from Kim Ve Wei-Wong.
Our love story walks along the road of, “Stew juice, onion rings, Kim Ve Wei-Wong soy sauce.

The ending shot: “Fall in love at first sight choice, unforgettable good flavor, fermented Kim Ve Wei-Wong soy sauce.”

Speaking of food… I’m on Day #9 out of 21 of this fast I’m doing with some friends. We’re doing a modified Daniel fast (pretty much a vegan diet of fruits, veggies, nuts, wheat, water, and no caffeine or alcohol). It hasn’t been too bad. I’m feeling pretty healthy! And I must say, I love Trader Joe’s even more! The only times when it’s a bit hard is when I go out with people and they’re drinking beers and eating delicious looking foods with meat or cheese. Haha. The sad thing is that fasting from Facebook is A LOT harder for me than fasting from food. Sigh. But, I’ve been fasting from FB as well and so far so good…

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good and a lot more productive. Things are pretty awesome, cuz’ shoot, God is good!

Alive Not Dead!

Uh… so I’m REALLY tardy with my recap on the AnD mixer that happened in LA a few weekends back. I was totally going to put together a mini vid from the event (I might come around to it still)… but Sam and Justice have one up, so you don’t need mine:

Anyway, a few things:

If you’re not on Alive Not Dead yet, you should get on it! It’s a great site for Asian artists worldwide with a lot of cool people on it. Also, if you join, you can actually leave me comments on my blog (since I’ve disabled them on my website).

Next, as of today, I’m not featured on YouTube’s homepage anymore, but I’ve been seeing myself on the homepage of AnD (WEIIIRD!!!). Haha, thanks, AnD! 😀

Lastly, I met so many cool people at the AnD mixer in LA. I gotta give props to Annie for being the one in charge. Also, if it weren’t for the mixer, I wouldn’t have met my awesome agents – Avant Artists! Plus it was fun kicking ass…

Final note that I should have posted way back when… DID YOU LOSE A PAIR OF SUNGLASSES AT THE MIXER? If so, msg me and let me know what brand they are and a bit of a description (just so I know they’re really yours :P). I was gonna post a “held hostage” photo of me wearing the shades… but I didn’t want anyone to just claim ’em. SO SORRY I didn’t post about this earlier! I totally forgot about ’em (actually, I’ve been wearing them everyday since the mixer… haha j/k :P).