‘Dr. Ken’ is gonna be paying y’all a house call soon!

So be prepared, y’all. Be prepared. ABC’s new show Dr. Ken is about to prescribe you some good ol’ hearty laughter. The show stars real life doctor turned actor/comedian Ken Jeong, Suzy Nakamura, Krista Marie Yu, Albert Tsai, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Jonathan Slavin, Kate Simses, and Dave Foley. This show is gonna be legit or as Ken would say, “on fleek!” And trust me, I know. I’ve been going to the live tapings and laughing my ass off every time.

As an avid supporter of Asian Americans in media for over a decade, I’m THRILLED about this time we’re living in with Dr. Ken, Fresh Off the Boat, and ‘All the Asians on TV’ this Fall. So when I was invited to visit the set of Dr. Ken a few weeks ago, it was pretty awesome to hear Ken’s heart and vision for the show along with the entire cast acknowledging the show’s significance for the Asian American community and their 100% effort to make this show the best show it can be. Michael Aushenker of the Palisadian-Post has a nice write up with quotes from our set visit: ‘Ken Jeong: Man on a Wire.’

This was a fun day. Thank you, ‘Dr Ken,’ ABC, and Sony!

If you’re in LA, they actually still have half a season left of tapings and YOU can be part of the live audience! Free tickets are available on tvtickets.com. For the rest of you, tune in or set your DVR! I can’t wait for you guys to watch this show!

Dr. Ken premieres next Friday, October 2nd at 8:30/7:30c on ABC.

Dear Diary… Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

When my biggest worries were house chores and report cards.


Dear Diary… Today was perdy boring.

Short and boring entry.


Dear Diary… Nothing much happened…

On June 17th, 1997, not a lot was happening…


Dear Diary… She says it’s hella nice.

The pager. It’s hella nice.


Dear Diary… I wish I had a pager.

There was a time when pagers were desirable… like, circa June 16th, 1997.


Dear Diary… Amy’s Bday Party

June 15th, 1997 – “It’s like 12 o’clock midnight” (which actually means it should’ve been June 16th…)


“Bear With Me”

A short film directed by Dorothy Xiao.

Good times with Justin Yang and Audrey Cain! :]

Dear Diary… I love writing!

Plus, a little #DearMe!


Dear Diary… I still don’t know if I should send that letter to Tyler

If you watched my previous video, then you know that I put the letter out there… and well, I guess you could say I finally “sent” that letter to Tyler…