A moment of truth.

So I participated in my first staged reading yesterday… and what an experience it was! From working with a fabulous cast and a fantastic director to having so much faith and support from the producer, I seriously learned so much from everyone and am feeling super blessed to have been part of something pretty fucking special. That’s right. All Asian American. Female. Reservoir Dogs.

I had the honor of playing Freddy Newandkye aka Mr. Orange. When DC Wolfe told me that he wanted me in that role, I was like “Omg, wow. Are you sure?!” But I guess it was actually kind of perfect, cuz’ everyone else on the cast had a theater background while I didn’t, so I really felt like I needed to step up my game in order to fit in 😛

This was definitely a moment of truth for me:

After our last rehearsal the day before the reading, our director, West Liang, stayed with me to work on this monologue. It was actually his suggestion that I get off book for the last portion. “You don’t have to do this, but it would be really sexy if you just dropped your script and delivered this last part to the audience.” I looked over it real quick and then said, “Yes, I’ll do it!” Oh man. On the way to this monologue, I flubbed a couple of words here and there. I even thought I would seriously piss my pants, but when it came down to it, I was Freddy and ready ;]

Special thanks to my agent, Kylie MacKenzie, for taking these photos!

It was also so much fun to play with Tamlyn Tomita. When I first learned that I would be working mostly with her, I kind of freaked out. We’d actually worked together before on a TV pilot called My Life Disoriented, but that was over 10 years ago and I was working as an assistant camera on that show. A decade later and where I’m at in my acting journey, to be able to share the stage with Tamlyn has definitely been an honor and a huge milestone for me.

I am so thankful to DC for believing in me, to West for really working with me, to all the ladies (Tamlyn, Jolene, Rosie, Sharon, Jully, and Elaine) for being so giving, to Aaron for being awesome and on top of those cues, to Kane for coming in super last minute to tape the reading, and to everyone who came out on a Sunday afternoon to watch and support! Thank you <3

8 Moments Your BFF Was A Lifesaver

Had so much fun playing BFFs with Robin Johnson. Thanks for having me, BuzzFeed and Kevin J. Nguyen!

Reservoir Dogs

With a twist. I’ll be participating in a staged reading of Quentin Tarantino’s original screenplay of Reservoir Dogs with an all Asian American female cast. 2pm at the Japanese American National Museum’s Tateuchi Democracy Forum Theater in Little Tokyo. You are all invited!

Party Bro Real Estate

Had the opportunity to play with comedians Frankie Quinones and Terrence Newman in this Funny Drop video for Mas Mejor. Check it out!


What was it like washing Gaga’s feet?

Cat’s out of the bag. I was on American Horror Story: Hotel recently!

Yes. I got to wash Lady Gaga’s feet. But that’s not at all what I thought I’d be doing before we filmed. I actually thought I’d be filing or painting her nails. So one of the ADs who had previous experience as a nail technician taught me how to properly file and I even got to practice on one of the prop department guys.

Before we filmed, we had a quick rehearsal. Gaga had just come out of filming a sex scene and production was a little behind schedule, so things moved pretty fast. I was already grabbing Gaga’s feet and fake filing her nails before we even got to speak to each other. When we finished rehearsing, we looked at each other and said, “Hi!” She then introduced herself as “Gaga or Stefani” and said I could call her either because she loved both. I asked her if she wanted me to really file her nails and she said, “Absolutely! Do whatever you need to do!”

When the crew was setting up the shot, director Michael Uppendahl decided he wanted me to be in the earlier process of the pedicure. It was actually Gaga who told the props guys that there should be a water basin for her feet to soak in. She also had someone grab her personal essential oils so that she could add it to the water to make the experience as real for herself. She then said, “I might as well enjoy this!” and dabbed some lavender oil onto my palms, too.

I told her I didn’t have much personal experience with mani pedis, so she gave me a lot of pointers on what to do. She even showed me how I should grab her foot firmly and with full on eye contact that could either intimidate or empower, she said, “Don’t be afraid to touch me.” In between takes, she was nothing but encouraging. There was one take where I accidentally knocked over some of my mani pedi tools and when we reset for the next take, she said, “You’re doing great.”

For my first Co-Star experience, this was a dream. While my one line of dialogue was cut from the end product, I am still so thankful to have had this opportunity. It was definitely an honor working with someone as talented and empowering as Lady Gaga. It was also pretty awesome watching how she collaborated with the director and the crew. Whenever she spoke, she would command the room. And even with her megastar presence, she still had a grounded and real vibe about her. At one point, she laughed and said to our director, “You know, Michael, I have no problem exposing any other part of my body, but when it comes to my feet… this is terrifying.” Lol. Awesome, awesome memories.

Thank you, Gaga and AHS, for such a positive experience. <3

“Bear With Me”

A short film directed by Dorothy Xiao.

Good times with Justin Yang and Audrey Cain! :]

Got a case of the Mondays?

Watch this. It might make you feel better about your life.

Fun times dancing and singing…

Shaking it off with David Choi and the Fu.

Grooting with Anthony Ma.

Two new releases today!

“Recovery,” a Jubilee Project Fellowship short film starring Amanda Suk, Jason Her, and me as nurse Betty!

And “Mommyhood,” a So Natural TV web pilot starring Sunny Mabrey, Monrok, Stefanie Seifer, Kyle Walters, and me! Written and directed by Leena Pendharkar. Produced by Jane Kelly Kosek. #girlpower


Alfa – WAR!

Check out this fun music video from Alfa! Directed by Conrad Lihilihi. You might spot a familiar face in the pillow fight scene ;]