Having A Sister: Then Vs. Now

Look, Mom! I’m on BuzzFeed!

Directed by the very talented Eugene Lee Yang. Had a good time playing sisters with Hannah Jun and Z.Hera!

New videos with the Fu!

It’s been AWHILE since my last “Dear Diary” video. Thanks to these guys, I’m back on YouTube again 😛

For those of you who actually read my blog (if any of you), please feel free to leave me comments, suggestions, etc.

Have a great weekend! 🙂

Asian Meal Time

New video from the Fung brahs! I be reppin’ the musubi with my Hawaiian twin 😛


In theaters October 4th!

More info: http://www.linsanitythemovie.com/screening/

“Catching Clouds”

A short film produced under the Jubilee Project Fellowship to raise awareness on Hepatitis B.

I had a lot of fun working on this :]

Jubilee Project says “We Can’t Stop!”

Um, I am totally ADHD, cuz’ I started blogging this earlier today in the morning and now the day is almost over! Haha. ANYWAY, I meant to say, happy Monday and LET’S ALL HAVE A GOOD WEEK!

This video makes me happy, because I heart these boys! If you watch ’til the end, you’ll catch me in the previews of short films that the Jubilee Project will be releasing in the coming weeks!


For the role of Kris Schultz, a Korean American adoptee living in Ohio:

Kris is a heavy metal rocker from Ohio who returns to Korea for the first time since she was adopted at the age of three. Her parents sent her to summer school to learn about her Korean heritage — something she knows nothing about. Kris has no intentions of finding her biological parents until she meets Klaus, who helps her unlock the Pandora’s box to a very complex past. On one hand, it is a painful discovery of the truth, and on the other, the budding of a beautiful romance.

Want to audition for Seoul Searching? Respond to the open call on Facebook: facebook.com/SeoulSearchingMovie

The Shanghai Restoration Project – Uproar in Heaven x Shanghai Calling

Recently had the opportunity to work with director Daniel Hsia as an editor for this music video for The Shanghai Restoration Project‘s “Uproar in Heaven.” It’s a collaboration with TSRP using footage from Daniel’s film, SHANGHAI CALLING:

Watch SHANGHAI CALLING starring Daniel Henney, Eliza Coupe, Bill Paxton, Zhu Zhu, Geng Le, and Alan Ruck via Amazon or iTunes.

“Uproar in Heaven” is from The Shanghai Restoration Project’s album, Pictures in Motion, available on Amazon and iTunes.

“The Forge”

Last year, Eric Raymond Lim asked me to play a small role in a short film he was making with director Stephen Reedy in honor of his sister, Tanya. Tanya had committed suicide and as a way to heal, Eric, family, and friends got together to pour light into a place of darkness with this short film project. Today, the film has made its debut on SoulPancake and is a message #ForAnybodyHurting:

If this speaks to you, you are not alone.

For immediate help:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Suicide Prevention Resources:
American Foundation of Suicide Prevention
American Association of Suicidology

More info about the film:

“The Master Chef”

I cannot tell you how much of an honor it was to work on this project. Thank you to Christine Ha for being such an inspiration, to my bros for life, the Jubilee Project, for giving me this opportunity, to Ki Hong Lee for playing my amazing bf/husband, and to all the friends and crew who helped make this happen! Hope you enjoy!

For more info about this short film, check out the Director’s Commentary and the Behind-The-Scenes video!